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April, 2006

Materials arrived and
Evergreen Landscape Design
began paving the pathway.

The pathway paving is complete.

Topsoil was added along the border of the pathway.

Placement of the benches was discussed.

Work was done on
controlling the water coming down the hill.

Students from
Sullivan County BOCES
Career and Tech Ed
CORE Program
built the new picnic table
for the entrance to the rails to trails.
They worked under the direction of
their instructor, Paul Maopolski.

May, 2006

Ralph Burger and Pat Maxwell
got our barrels out of storage
and placed them along Main Street.

The park was prepped for planting.

The picnic table is ready at
the entrance to the rails to trails.

The fence at the
municipal parking lot was removed.

The "Rails to Trails" signed was moved
for safekeeping.

June, 2006

We planted more than 50 barrels
along Main Street.
Fallsburg Girl Scout Troop 705
helped with the planting.

The pin oak tree donated by
Sullivan Renaissance was planted
behind the Hurleyville Firehouse.

Adopt-a-Barrel 2006

A new drainage system was
designed and installed
under a border of the rock garden.

July, 2006

We dedicated the benches in the
Hurleyville Firemen's Park.

We continued to spruce up the
entrance to the "Rails to Trails".

Town of Fallsburg workers started
to put up the posts for
the entrance to the "Rails to Trails"
and for the
"Rails to Trails" sign and display.

The Hurleyville Fire Department
watered down the sand
in the parking lot in preparation
for it to be swept up.

August, 2006

We continued to clear the
sand from the parking lot.

The fence was completed at the
entrance to the "Rails to Trails".

We planted 2 new flower barrels.

A local artist painted a lovely view of Hurleyville
on the trash barrel.

The "Rails to Trails" sign
is ready to be hung in its new home.

The bicycle rack was completed.

Finishing touches were added
to the "Rails to Trails" entrance.

The Hurleyville United Methodist Church Youth Group
added an inspirational message to the trash barrel.

The "Rails to Trails" sign was hung.

The "Rails to Trails" display case,
made by a local Eagle Scout, was installed.

The Sullivan Renaissance judges
came early on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Hurleyville and our projects
were ready and sparkling.

The awards ceremony was held at the
Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts.
Senator John Bonacic presented
Hurleyville-Sullivan First with the
2006 completion award.
Hurleyville-Sullivan First
also received the
2006 Sullivan Renaissance
Historical Preservation award.

September, 2006

We held the first annual
"Books in the Park" fair
at the Hurleyville Firemen's Park.

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