September 22, 2005

The Sullivan County BOCES
Landscaping and Golf Course Management class
came to the park to learn about its construction.
Under the direction of class instructor, Bob Hayes,
students learned about measuring...with and without tools...
and calculating estimates.
They measured the unfinished pathway
and estimated the cost of installing cobblestone pavers
to complete the pathway.
The students measured two ways:
using their own step and pace lengths
to calculate the total length and width of the pathway
followed by measuring with a measuring wheel.
They discussed the tools and technology available for the job.
The students reviewed industry standards for the
installation of pavers.
The students also toured the park,
examined the new drainage system
and learned about our environmental impact project.

From left to right:
Dominic DePrizio (Monticello Central School), Bob Hayes (Instructor),
Kevin Lopez (Tri-Valley Central School), Dan Raven (Liberty Central School),
Joe Cabrera (Monticello Central School) and Joe Greeno (Monticello Central School)

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