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Spring, 2005

Hurleyville-Sullivan First members met to plan the
project and to prepare the application for
the 2005 Sullivan Renaissance Grant Program.

April, 2005

The design for the pathway, benches,
lights, flagpole and kiosk was laid out.

May, 2005

A Crimson King maple tree donated by
Sullivan Renaissance was planted at the
Hurleyville Firehouse.

We began clearing out the park area.
We discovered and rebuilt a stone wall.

We hung our Sullivan Renaissance banner.

Read about our project in the May 11th issue of
The Towne Crier.

We held a mailing party and sent letters with the
details of our project to everyone in Hurleyville.

The Main Street Program

Adopt-a-Barrel 2005

We continued to get the ground ready for planting.
50 barrels were put out and made ready for planting.

We began planting new flower beds,
a new rock garden and barrels
on Memorial Day Weekend.
We made 4 more new flower beds
and worked on drainage.

June, 2005

We met with landscape designer, Sharon Green,
and discussed plantings for the park.

We continued planting,
prepared a wildflower bed
and worked on the drainage system.

The Hurleyville Fire Department
helped out with watering.

Community Visioning Workshop

We dug out the new pathway.
A site was prepared for a new handmade,
tiered wooden planter.
The trees at the park were trimmed.

Glenn Pontier, a member of the
Sullivan Renaissance Steering Committee
visited the park.

We continued working on the pathway.

We planted bushes
and finished planting new flower beds.
Stone bases were designed
and constructed for
the new solar Victorian lamps.

July, 2005

We started preparing the site
for the historical kiosk.

We celebrated Independence Day
by hanging the American flag
on the new flagpole.

The ends for the park benches arrived.
Our boulevard banners were delivered.
The Hurleyville Fire Department will hang them.

Read about our project in the July 13th issue of
The Towne Crier.

The pathway got a layer of stone dust.
Stone borders were added to new flower beds.
Plantings and a stone border were added
to the base of the new flagpole.

The Hurleyville Fire Department
hung the new boulevard banners
along Main Street.

Read about our project
and the park dedication
in the July 20th issue
of the Times Herald Record.

Getting ready for the park dedication...
pavers were installed at the site for the kiosk
by Evergreen Landscape Design.
The kiosk was brought to the park and installed.
The benches were finished and brought to the park.
We hung drawings of flowers and firemen.
The drawings were made by Fallsburg students
for the park.

July 23, 2005
The Dedication of the Hurleyville Firemen's Park
Guests included:
Francis S. Currey,
Senator John Bonacic,
The Hurleyville Fire Department,
The Hurleyville Fire Department Ladies' Auxiliary.

The dedication featured the debut of
"Welcome to Hurleyville"
written by David Samuel Bloch
especially for the dedication of the park.

Read about the park dedication
in the July 27th issue
of The Towne Crier.

We found the perfect spots
for our 4 new benches.
We finished moving new plants
to a protected site
to wait for planting.
We refined and added to
one of our new flower beds.

August, 2005

We made finishing touches before judging...
Saturday, August 13th.

The Hurleyville Fire Department
continued to water our barrels and planters
and finished hanging our new boulevard banners.

The Hurleyville Firemen's Park
is ready for judging.

The Sullivan Renaissance Awards Ceremony

September 2005

The Sullivan County BOCES
Landscaping and Golf Course Management class
visited the park.

October, 2005

We planted more flowers for the fall.

November, 2005

We got the park ready for the winter.

Watch our progress on this site.
Please join us if you have time to help.